NITROFLEX - Wavetable synth - Deep House

New Update v1.99d

A powerful audio synthesizer that offers a large number of waveforms which users can combine, edit and and shape anyway they want to obtain the desired sound

Now can do the scanning of the waveform on the drive, create and edit the wavetables. 



40% Discount Extended

Only €29 instead of 49 for the full version, 40% Off .

Link and serial key will be sent to the Your Email address (Paypal Email) after a payment in a few hours.

You may install the software on more than one PC for your own personal use.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

Note: only Windows VST

News in v1.99d

*New window presets (improved presets search)
*New Compressor (new auto-compression in out section)
*New fx (analog transistor emulator)
*Now 1200 presets (new organs,piano and more)
*Fixed more presets
*Added more organ waveforms
*New shortcut for knob default (ctrl+ left click)
*Switch to quickly exclude arpeggiator (in window presets)
*more fix

News in v.1.92

*  New Envelope's.
*  New LFO's,now sync up to 4 bar. Improved parameters.
*  Improved the sequencer and added new features.
*  Add values of the 5th oscillator in display (saw tune and detune).
*  Fixed PWM LFO.
*  Fixed labels for 5th oscillator (tune and detune).
*  Improved feature "reset to default",new parameters and saw osc to default.
*  Improved change preset.
*  Fixed "Vibrato" control (now synchronizes the chord)
*  Add "Flange" effect.
*  Add "A1" in modulation envelope (fine attack).
*  increased Voices number to 64.
*  Add 50 Waveforms.
*  Fixed more preset sounds.
*  Output sounds more clear.
*  New blue LED for filters, LFOs, and Midi signal .
*  Add key "index reset" for restore wavetable index file to default.

News in Nitroflex 1.91


* Improved output sound
* Fixed stereo phase.
* Adjusted stereo phase to zero for each preset
* Fixed more presets sound
* Optimized preset file
* Fixed modulation menu in sequencer
* Arpeggiator can be automated by host
* Added new features in arpeggiator

News on 1.8

* Interpolation and normalization for each waveform ,first and after mathematical operations.

* added 2 new LFO's for a total of 3 LFO's.

* Added in "edit" panel "single cycle waveform from disc"

* Fixed "waveform random generator"

* Adding controls for multiplication and subtraction (in edit panel)

* New "output" interface for create 3d sound.

* New "Options" menu in the principal panel.

* New "Vibrato" setting (vibrato attack,delay,speed,range,velocity)

* Now 1024 PRESET SOUND (house,techno,deep,pad,fx)

* The main panel has been modified to simplify access to functions.

* Solved the problem in cubase (preset recall)

* added new LP filter

* added 80 new waveform files in the folder


4 wavetable oscillators, with 195 internal waves each + 196 external cycle waveform + scanning features for unlimited use of"cycle waveforms"
2 filters serial or parallel mode.
2 modulation envelope, 1 amp envelope.
3 LFO (selectable).
FM section for 2 oscillators.
Unison mode up to 128 voices.
Reverber, chorus, phaser, distortion, echo.
16 step gate-sequencer.
Active tone control (bass, mid, treble).
OUT section for “position” track and mid-side control.
Special multi-function and multi-information display.
selectable screens.
1024 programs for house,deep,techno and others.

Random and draw functions for creates new waveform.

Save Cycle Waveform at 32 bit.