NITROFLEX - Wavetable synth

A powerful audio synthesizer that offers a large number of waveforms which users can combine, edit and and shape anyway they want to obtain the desired sound

Ver 1.99.4 Improved all




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Note: only Windows VST

New 1.99.4

* 4 band parametric EQ
* Fixed oscillators sync
* Fixed LFO sync
* New feature free2 LFO  to move the sound without start-sync
* Improved audio quality
* Replaced over 100 presets
* New feature "bit quality output"
* New features in arpeggiator

more fix

News in v1.99d

*New window presets (improved presets search)
*New Compressor (new auto-compression in out section)
*New fx (analog transistor emulator)
*Now 1200 presets (new organs,piano and more)
*Fixed more presets
*Added more organ waveforms
*New shortcut for knob default (ctrl+ left click)
*Switch to quickly exclude arpeggiator (in window presets)
*more fix

News in v.1.92

*  New Envelope's.
*  New LFO's,now sync up to 4 bar. Improved parameters.
*  Improved the sequencer and added new features.
*  Add values of the 5th oscillator in display (saw tune and detune).
*  Fixed PWM LFO.
*  Fixed labels for 5th oscillator (tune and detune).
*  Improved feature "reset to default",new parameters and saw osc to default.
*  Improved change preset.
*  Fixed "Vibrato" control (now synchronizes the chord)
*  Add "Flange" effect.
*  Add "A1" in modulation envelope (fine attack).
*  increased Voices number to 64.
*  Add 50 Waveforms.
*  Fixed more preset sounds.
*  Output sounds more clear.
*  New blue LED for filters, LFOs, and Midi signal .
*  Add key "index reset" for restore wavetable index file to default.

News in Nitroflex 1.91


* Improved output sound
* Fixed stereo phase.
* Adjusted stereo phase to zero for each preset
* Fixed more presets sound
* Optimized preset file
* Fixed modulation menu in sequencer
* Arpeggiator can be automated by host
* Added new features in arpeggiator

News on 1.8

* Interpolation and normalization for each waveform ,first and after mathematical operations.

* added 2 new LFO's for a total of 3 LFO's.

* Added in "edit" panel "single cycle waveform from disc"

* Fixed "waveform random generator"

* Adding controls for multiplication and subtraction (in edit panel)

* New "output" interface for create 3d sound.

* New "Options" menu in the principal panel.

* New "Vibrato" setting (vibrato attack,delay,speed,range,velocity)

* Now 1024 PRESET SOUND (house,techno,deep,pad,fx)

* The main panel has been modified to simplify access to functions.

* Solved the problem in cubase (preset recall)

* added new LP filter

* added 80 new waveform files in the folder


4 wavetable oscillators, with 195 internal waves each + 196 external cycle waveform + scanning features for unlimited use of"cycle waveforms"
2 filters serial or parallel mode.
2 modulation envelope, 1 amp envelope.
3 LFO (selectable).
FM section for 2 oscillators.
Unison mode up to 128 voices.
Reverber, chorus, phaser, distortion, echo.
16 step gate-sequencer.
Active tone control (bass, mid, treble).
OUT section for “position” track and mid-side control.
Special multi-function and multi-information display.
selectable screens.
1024 programs for house,deep,techno and others.

Random and draw functions for creates new waveform.

Save Cycle Waveform at 32 bit.