Nitroflex Wavetable Synthesizer

Nitroflex 2 is a unique wavetable synthesizer that offers a virtually unlimited number of high quality waveforms, with the power to recreate any type of sound needed either in the modern digital studio, or in a live environment.

1200 sound presets - 64bit 



Inspired by the new generation hardware synthesizers, Spacetrax comes on board with extensive, in-depth editing capability, delivering the warm analog sounds of vintage units while integrating modern control functions only available in our current state of the art designs.

At the heart of Spacetrax are 4 separate elements with precision editing capability for each oscillator. Spacetrax comes with an arsenal of effects, an arpeggiator, a step sequencer, and more.

Spacetrax includes a vast number of high quality waveforms to explore and customize, offering the ability to create your unique signature sound. It also features an integrated keyboard that controls a customizable chord generator. This allows the musician to add octaves, or generate complex musical chords playable by a single key.

In addition, a customizable keyboard split can assign different voices to user designated ranges.

The full version comes with 1200 presets to get you started.

Deep One - Power FM Synth

Deep One is a FM synth (phase modulation) with 6 special operators designed to generate powerful sounds used in electronic dance music. 1015 sound presets inside.



DEMON 80 - the realistic multiband compressor vst


VA RAXS - The Mastering Rack

Improved limiter,dinamics and RMS output.

New module Multiband Compressor

Now The virtual rack consists of 9 effects and a dB Module Processor.



DNX-03 Multi-Band Compressor



"EQ 01 M/S" mid-side equalizer ... Freeware


"SPAZIAL" ... M/S encoder-decoder FREE WIN VST

"EQ 01 M/S" ... double equalizer for mid side signal



Enjoy with House Music!