New "Deep One" 1.08

Deep One is a new FM synth (phase modulation) with 6 special operators designed to generate powerful sounds used in electronic dance music. 1015 sound presets inside.


VA RAXS - The Mastering Rack V.1.3 new

Now The virtual rack consists of 7 effects and a dB Module Processor..


Update Nitroflex v1.99d Wavetable synthesizer

Nitroflex is a powerful, feature packed virtual synthesizer that is well suited for professional music producers, enabling them to create unique waveforms.


1200 presets

New Window Presets

Now 3 LFO's

Import any "Single Cycle Waveform"

Saves "Single Cycle Waveform" 

Info download and update on the site.


NEW - DNX-03 Multi-Band Compressor V.2.0


"EQ 01 M/S" mid-side equalizer ... Freeware

"SPAZIAL" ... M/S encoder-decoder FREE WIN VST

"EQ 01 M/S" ... double equalizer for mid side signal


Enjoy with House Music!