Deep One 64 bit - FM Synth NEW 1.5

Deep One is a FM synth with 6 special operators designed to generate powerful sounds used in electronic dance music. 1015 sound presets. V 1.5 add frequency control like DX7


Only €39 instead of €49 for the full 64bit version. (20% off  - 64 bit version)
Link and serial key will be sent to the Your Email address (Paypal Email) after a payment in a few hours.

Now you may install the software on more than one PC for your own personal use.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

Note: Windows VST 2.4

6 operators FM in parallel
5 digital oscillators and 340 wavetables for modulating and for the carrier
6 LFO for the FM section with 5 digital oscillators and 40 wavetable each.
2 filters in parallel or serial LP BP HP and Power (Power LP)
1 amp envelope
2 selectable envelope
2 Lfo selectable with sync
3-band equalizer
Stereo"phase" control for the output stage
3 effects of delay for channel  (techno, Delay1, Delay2)
64-voice polyphony with the possibility of choosing between polyphonically, mono or legato.